5.) B20B

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Air filter insert, B20B (SU) 679658 Air filter insert, B20B (SU) $17.95
 pcs  In stock
Gasket 3-bolt filter, SU 677607 Gasket 3-bolt filter, SU $2.20
 pcs  In stock
Clamp, B20B air filter 679623 Clamp, B20B air filter $4.76
 pcs  In stock
Rubber elbow air intake Az/140 673648 Rubber elbow air intake Az/140 $15.38
 pcs  Temporary out of stock. Contact us for more information.
Hose clamp 951798 Hose clamp $4.40
 pcs  In stock
Clamp, pre-heater hose, B20 419712 Clamp, pre-heater hose, B20 $4.49
 pcs  In stock
Nut 955825 Nut $0.18
 pcs  In stock