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Warmly welcome to our shop in Stockholm, Sweden!


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Our shop is located very close to the E4-highway in Slagsta, about 25 minutes south of Stockholm (Sweden). Take the highway exit no. 147 towards "Slagsta Trafikplats" and road 259 towards Haninge.

If you come from the south the exit will lead up to a roundabout. Take the first right in the roundabout and cross the bridge over the E4 (where you will see NetOnNet on the right). Go straight ahead in the next roundabout and aim for NetOnNet.

If you come from the north the you will directly reach a roundabout. Take the first right and aim for NetOnNet.

Parking and finding the shop

You can park outside NetOnNet. Then take the entrance to the right of NetOnNet's entrance (and to the left of the Thai restaurant) and go straight until you come to an escalator. When you go down the escalator you will see us on the right. 

Shop opening hours

You can se our opening hours on the Contact us-page.

The Shop

In our shop we both serve customers over the counter and the rest of the world via mail order.

We have over 10,000 items in stock, ready to be shipped or sold over the counter.

We also have an exhibition area with space for two cars. The cars are changed regularly.

We have imported two 240 Turbo from the US which are now on display in our showroom in the store. One is a 242 Turbo from 1983, and the other a 245 Turbo 1982. Both cars are fitted with B21FT engines. We got them at the end of September 2013 directly from California. Mighty fine restoration objects, however, the interiors (as usual) quite parched by the California climate.

Below are two cars that we previously had in our exhibition area.

Warmly welcome!