Info about the Amazon Kombi 220 1966


Background History

The car was purchased unseen by me through a reliable (Swedish) source in California
and subsequently imported into the UK in 1995. I re-registered it in England after going
through the usual tests, paying the import duty, VAT etc. Current registration is
PBY 171D.

Being a California car, it was found to be in almost rust-free condition (one rear floor pan
needed attention) though front wings were replaced by me as the car went off to be re-painted
in 1997/8. The car spent almost 2 years with a Volvo specialist undergoing respray, new bumpers
(except center section rear which was re-chromed), new dashpad, engine rebuild (B20), overdrive
installation, new indicator and overdrive switches (both Volvo genuine), new rubber seals all round
and a number of other details.

The interior of the car was found to be in the ”usual” Californian condition, namely almost
completely burnt out by the sun. I decided that this would be the last of the work to be carried out
(and planned to do it once the car was in Sweden, and after all other works had been finished – but
this has still NOT been done).

I moved to Sweden in 1996 and started trading in January 1997. The kombi was still in England. I
went over to the UK in 1999 and drove the car via Denmark to Göteborg and then to Delsbo where
it arrived in late November 1999. Then disaster! The new paintwork started to crack. At first it was
thought to be just on the sills, however it began to spread rapidly and it soon became apparent that
the car would have to be completely stripped down to bare metal. At this point I decided to take the car
off the road and place it in storage with a friend in Järvsö. Here it stayed until 2014 when it was moved
to Flanks Bilverkstad in Hudiksvall, its current location.


Up to today’s date the car has cost me around SEK 85000 (incl import to UK etc). The current best bid is
at SEK 35000. (Note that this is a cash deal as the car is registered to me personally and is not owned
by CVI Automotive). I will take more photographs (and also hopefully a video) when I am next in Hudiksvall.
If you are still interested please let me know and I will send photos to you then.

All the best for the time being,
Mikael Sällström
2016 - 03 – 13

PS: my email address is not working at the moment: please use this address