We're now (half) open for business!


A while back now our premises in south Stockholm were subjected to
water ingress from a neighbouring firm on the floor above.

We are working like mad to get this move done and out of the way as fast as
we possibly can. Each part has to be carefully checked, counted, labelled and
individually packed. It is an energy absorbing process and there are no short cuts.

The web shop is now open again and this time we will remain open!
Our aim is now to prove to you that the wait has been worth it and that
the parts you buy and the service you receive from CVI are of the quality
and standard you have come to expect from us. We have been in the 
business for 30 years and we are definitely here to stay. Welcome!


We are forced to shut down our web site for the weekend due to Order overload.

We will re-open again after the weekend.

We hope for your understanding!

We are doing our very best to send out all the orders in our system as soon as possible!



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