Coming soon! Amazon wagon handle

Volvo Amazon locks & lock sets

Lock set (OE), P120/P130 (not wagon) (Wilmot Breeden original)
CVI Tooling
Push button, 120/130/220 (for front door handles)
Pushrod, Amazon door locks NEW!

Volvo 240/260 LHD power steering-rack back in stock - brand new!

Steering-racks for the Volvo 240/260 series cars have for many years been offered on an exchange basis (you give us your old rack + a little cash and we give you a reconditioned unit in exchange).

Those days can soon be a thing of the past! Here comes a brand new steering-rack for LHD cars with servo-assisted steering, and primarily made for cars made from 1981 until the end in 1993. They can even be fitted to earlier models, though in that case they will need some extra fitting components which we are in the process of procuring.

CVI offers this item under part number 3516941 (in other words, this is an exact copy of the rack Volvo used to offer under that number). If you have questions, please feel free to send them via email to us. So far we have sold these to customers in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, USA, Netherlands, Belgium and Finland. All have been satisfied, even a 262C customer in Norway with a 1980 model!

Filler cap 281007, lockable 140/164 -1973

During 2022 CVI Automotive AB invested in completely new tooling in order to re-make these beautiful lockable fuel filler caps, part number 281007. They fit the Volvo 140 and Volvo 164 series cars from 1967 up to and including model year 1973. We were also given Volvo's permission to include the Volvo logo, not only on the key flap but also on the keys themselves.

At CVI Automotive you will find a wide selection of spares for your Volvo - both new and re-manufactured. Use the main menu on the left to search for parts for PV/Duett, Amazon, 140, 164, 240/260P1800. And more. Try us! Place items in your basket. At the Checkout you will see all costs, including carriage.

Various CVI items

Steering-rack, 240/260 power steering (LHD)
Flasher lamp with housing PV/Duett B18 LH
Flasher lamp with housing PV/Duett B18 RH
Wiring harness 123GT LHD (B18) 1967-'68
CVI Tooling

Wiring harness 1800S ch# 12500-28299 LHD '65-'68 (not USA late '67 or '68)
Filler cap lockable, PV/Amazon (genuine accessory)
CVI Tooling
Filler cap, lockable 140/164
Brake master cylinder, PV/Duett '47-'60 (built-in reservoir - as OE original)

Brake master cylinder, 544/210 (B18)
Brake master cyl, Amazon/P1800 single-circuit (B16/B18 -  not USA late '67 or 1968)
Brake master cyl E/ES, 140 GLE, 164 +Amazon B20 RHD (ATE genuine)
Coolant pipe exhaust manifold, AQ115/AQ130 +BB115  (re-manufactured as original)

Lock set 544/210 (4 locks/2 keys "Volvo") (without rubber seals)
Water return pipe Amazon '61-'68, PV/Duett '61-'68, 1800S/E/ES '61-'73  (418628)
Turn-signal switch, Amazon B16/B18/B20 (NOT column change or RHD BW35)
CVI Tooling
Overdrive switch, 122S/123GT
CVI Tooling

Turn-signal switch, 544/210
Turn-signal switch 1800E/ES (1800E ch 35783-, all ES)
Brake servo repair kit Girling MK2A (Amazon/P1800/S to 1968)
Fuel tank, PV544 (B18) (+ late B16 from ch# 264990)

Oil filler cap, non-vented, for Volvo engines B4B, B14A, B16, B18
Oil filler cap, vented (B18/B20) (+MD21A/110S, AQD21A)
Instrument glass, rev counter P1800 -'69 (1961-1969)
668370-DIAL Instrument glas...
Fitting kit WITH return springs 544/210 '59-, 121 rear 59-64 +122/1800 USA '68 rear  (GENUINE!)

Headlamp bezel P1800 (chromed steel)
Repair kit Pierburg pump 418878 ('65-'69) (Pump with Chinaman's hat as lid)
CVI Tooling
Water inlet pipe, B18/B20A/B (buy 460438 for B20E/F)
Water pump B30, 164 (does NOT fit marine engines)