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A very big welcome to CVI Automotive's website!

CVI has specialized in the sales and re-manufacture of Volvo parts since 1988. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and overall quality of the parts we offer. We may not be the best at answering a huge volume of customer enquiries (for which we humbly apologize (in advance)) but we do put a lot of effort into what we consider to be the most important thing - namely the product you end up with in your hand.

Our aim with this web site is to lead you into the world of classic Volvo parts in as easy and as uncomplicated a way as possible. We also welcome any feedback you care to give us that could lead to further ease of use and breadth of information.

We have around 10 000 different, new, part lines in stock, ready for immediate delivery. Please visit our Webshop where you can place an order and see detailed photos of the range of parts that we offer. 

As further parts are added to the range we will announce this from time to time on our index page. If you are searching for those hard-to-get items that are virtually impossible to find, feel free to register your interest by contacting us. Bear in mind however, that in order for a particular item to be reproduced, manufacturers mostly demand minimum order quantities (MOQs) that can be challenging to say the least. This has proved to be a stumbling block for many people and for many items.

For those of you who perhaps have an interest in Volvo parts from a professional viewpoint, either as part of an authorised Volvo dealership or as an independent specialist, we recommend you take a look at our product profile page.

Best regards,
CVI Automotive